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    Welcome to the flexivent news page where we give you the latest ventilation news including the latest on MVHR, MEV, dMEV and extract ventilation.

  • Flexivent gain NICEIC qualification

    As a leading ventilation installer we are pleased to announce the completion of the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting Domestic Ventilation Course

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This comprehensive course addresses the following subjects:

  • Fundamental working principles of ventilation systems
  • The types of ventilation systems
  • Introduction into other systems such as PIV, Single Room Heat Recovery
  • Why ventilation is important
  • The varying techniques used for installation of the different systems
  • The pitfalls associated with poor workmanship and misuse of ventilation systems
  • Basic system design
  • Preparation prior to installation
  • Competent Person Schemes
  • Commissioning of a mechanical ventilation heat recovery unit
  • Inspection and testing
  • Certification and documentation of a mechanical ventilation heat recovery unit
  • Assessments

The domestic ventilation training and assessment has been designed to provide the necessary skills in design, installation, testing, commissioning, handover procedure and has been put together by the NICEIC who support the safe installation & maintenance in the electrical and wider building services sector.

The NICEIC Domestic Ventilation Training Course is a course designed by ventilation industry professionals to ensure through comprehensive training that the necessary standards are met throughout the domestic ventilation industry.

NICEIC domestic ventilation certificate of competence

flexivent NICEIC certificate

Getting MVHR right (or how NOT to do it!)

This MVHR installation was installed by a company recommended by the supplier!

Sadly, this was never going to work as expected.

We were contacted as the home owner was complaining of the following issues:

Main concerns were:-

  • Health - black mould in the cupboard on the flimsy ducts
  • Discomfort from strong or cold draughts
  • Noise - how can we mitigate?
  • Unfortunately, the renovation was complete and the hideous workmanship was not accessible without ripping down ceilings and smashing out newly decorated walls.