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Decentralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (d-MEV)

dmev extract fan

Decentralised mechanical extract ventilation fans are low energy, continuous running extractor fans which are quieter and much more energy efficient than traditional intermittent fans.

These are typically fitted in bathrooms, kitchens and WC's. Decentralised mechanical extract ventilation fans run continuously at low trickle speeds to expel moisture-laden air and pollutants.

Decentralised Mechanical Extract Fans work in a similar way to centralised mechanical extract ventilation, but have individual fans installed in each wet room rather than a single centralised unit.

Decentralised mechanical extract ventilation would normally take the place of intermittent fans and comply with BRE digest 398.

Decentralised mechanical extract ventilation fans (d-MEV) also work well in conjunction with Positive Input Ventilation systems to aid in the process of preventing condensation in your home.

They often have a boost setting which is triggered by excess humidity and a number of trickle settings to meet the specific requirements of the install. It is important that d-MEV is properly commisioned.

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