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  • Whole House Ventilation Systems (C-MEV)

    centralised mechanical extract system exampleA centralised Mechanical Extract Ventilation (c-MEV) system is a low energy, continuous mechanical extract ventilation system designed for whole house application that will remove moisture and the build up of indoor air pollutants, maintaining good indoor air quality, and helping to create a better living environment.

    C-MEV's usually extract from the kitchen, bathrooms and toilets and are expelled via one exhaust duct to the outside.

    These units utilise the latest in low energy DC motors and are fitted with multiple extract points and often humidity sensors offering an automatic boost when required. There are also options with CO2 sensors to increase the ventilation rates when occupancy increases.

    Where a central unit is mounted in a loft or cupboard and ducted to extract polluted air from the wet rooms. These CMEV units are normally mounted in the roof space, however if loft mounting is not an option the unit can be fitted into a cupboard as most CMEV units can be fitted either horizontally or vertically.

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